'Got error 122 from storage engine' space on server

I got into work this morning and our site showed this error ‘Got error 122 from storage engine’ .

I understand that it is lack of space on server. I was able to clear off enough to have the site running. 1/2 gig backupfile can quickly eat up room. I still am looking for other things to clear room. I show that I am using 19.5 GB out of 20 GB on my VPS. I kinda remember that I use to run at about 15GB out of 20GB.

I have clear stats and optimized.

Is it safe to remove images from /images/backup/ ?

When I remove products using admin does it remove all images of product?

Maybe sever log files? if so what should I be looking for?

I only have 2 database backs on site. each about 7-8 meg so that if minor room there.

Thanks for anyones thoughts on this,

David DeWitt

check your var/upgrade directory.

Remove 'install' directory if you haven't already.

Admin/Logs “clear log” (then optimize cscart_logs table)

I don't think they remove images upon product deletion but am not sure.

There probably a mess in the var/downloads director too if you use downloads. But I'm not quite sure how to tell what's actually active (being used) and what has been replaced.

Good luck and if you come up with a final list that really helps, please post it.


check your var/upgrade directory.

Remove ‘install’ directory if you haven’t already.

Admin/Logs “clear log” (then optimize cscart_logs table)

I don’t think they remove images upon product deletion but am not sure.

There probably a mess in the var/downloads director too if you use downloads. But I’m not quite sure how to tell what’s actually active (being used) and what has been replaced.


I found nothing in var/upgrade. var/download had a lot of empty directories below it. You said to remove the install directory. Were you meaning below var/upgrade or in the root directory of the site?

I cleaned logs and stats, optimized. This crushed the database down 10 meg.

I’m really looking for several gigs of cleanup. I believe I remeber a year or so ago I had another 4+ gig free space. I know earlier on I had some system log files that had swollen up and brought my site down. I’m currently on an unmanaged vps with 20gig of room, but have just signed up for a managed account with double that. So I’m trying to find enough room to do some site backups. The tarball normaly ends up about 500+ meg. Ive tried bzip vs. gzip saves some but nothing dramatic.

I guess if I canot find more room I can just back up sections of the site at a time download, then move on to another section.

Thanks for any thoughts you have,

David DeWitt

Without having access to your server, only you know what's what. Since I do not know what you have, I a cannot even imagine that one shop would use that much space in the file directory nor the database.

A vanilla demo install only uses about 25MB.

I meant the install directory in the root of your store.

All the imaging has changed so much over the last year that I have no idea what's used or not anymore (I.e. images/backup). I'm guessing that for sanity purposes when they changed the structure in 2.1 that they left the old in place thereby doubling (or more) the space used for images.

I don't find a reference to 'backup' anywhere in the 'customer' skins, but more than likely the path (if used) is in the database. Suggest you search your image_links table for the string '%backup%' in the image_path field. I don't show any references on my system. Alternatively, you could just temporarily rename it to images/Xbackup and then navigate your site and see if anything breaks. If not, you should be able rename it back to images/backup and then just remove all the contents.

Other than that, if you have SSH access to your store, go to your document root (root of your store) and do a “du -s *” command. Then start following the paths of the big numbers and you'll find where most of your space is going.

When images are exported a file “/var/backup/” is created to store the backup images. I still cannot imagine one shop using that much space.

Edit: Unless of course you have many images that are 1+MB each and if so you, need to do some serious image optimization.

Good to know about images being copied to var/backup, but I think he was referring to the images/backup directory.

I certainly agree that 15GB is a whole lot of space. But maybe he sells videos? I probably wouldn't run a server with only 20% disk space free. Too much chance of topping out.

Maybe it is /images/backup/.? It's been awhile so I am not certain.

After talking to my hosting provider, we found that they had done some up[grades to my server. The kloxo logs were not being rotated, so I the logs were increasing by about a gig a day. They were nice enough to push me up to 50 gigs of space while they sorted it out. After they were done I dropped down to 8 gigs over all, where I up to 20 gigs.

While all this was happening I was in the process of moving to a managed server account. Most every thing seems ok. still have to sort out the primary domain name and then ssl.

Thanks for everyones thought,

David DeWitt

What kind of logs are you generating? Logs should be measured in MB, not GB!

Glad you found your issue.