GoogleBase on Ver 1.3.5

Hi and sorry if this as been answered before, i have searched and searched but can’t find the answer.


Does Googlebase work with my CS-Cart version 1.3.5.

This is the first time i have tried to use it and i just keep getting Disapproved.

Please – Can someone answer.

HI. I think since the released 2.0 release googlebase has required a new field called called “condition” that is required. 1.3.5 has not been updated for this. I download my file and along the top row I add “condition” and copy “new” all the way down. There are a lot of fields that googlebase offers. The more you use, the better your googlebase ranking. So I downloaded, manually added a bunch of fields and saved the file to upload manually to googlebase. But I’m pretty sure the “condition” field is now a requirement that 1.3.5 does not include. I am sure there is a way to edit the exim files to do this automatically, but I haven’t bothered with it.