GoogleBase Code

Since everyone was saying they wanted short description instead of long description, I figure I’d try to tackle it with my VERY limited coding abilities. But here goes.

in include/admin/import_export.php there is this code:

[QUOTE]$google_fields = array (‘F’ => array (

‘offer_id’ => ‘product_id’,

‘category’ => ‘main_category’,

‘product_type’ => ‘product_type’,

‘price’ => ‘price’,

‘name’ => ‘product’,

‘description’ => ‘short_description’,

‘image_url’ => ‘image’,

‘product_url’ => ‘link’),

‘G’ => array (

‘id’ => ‘product_id’,

‘product_type’ => ‘product_type’,

‘quantity’ => ‘amount’,

‘label’ => ‘meta_keywords’,

‘price’ => ‘price’,

‘title’ => ‘product’,

‘description’ => ‘short_description’,

‘link’ => ‘link’,

‘image_link’ => ‘image’));[/QUOTE]

Where in there I currently have short_description, the original code was long_description. I think this should do it. The other thing I’m trying to change is how to parse an absolute value.

For example: ‘short_description’ is actually getting data from product’s short description. But what if I wanted to just send plain hard coded date like

“c:warranty:string => YES,”

Do you guys know what the correct syntax is for hardcoding this?

To sum it up that should accomplish two things: 1)Short Description 2)Adding your own custom attributes