Google Won´t Indexing Image?

Hi all members and cs-cart team :)

I have cs-cart version 4.3.10

robots.txt empty (only var directory) OK

google console allows pictures OK

1)After few months I can´t see any product pictures appear in google index image.

2)But the category page and product page are indexing without problems.

I decide to add itemprop="image" to product detail thumbnails image to speed up google image idexing... but nothing :(

I decide to build image sitemap.xml to submit to google with:

1) prodcut image thumbnails for categories appear in the xml output , OK

2) but Product thumbnails for product detail page are not detected! :( Why?

I decide to change between differents pictures display (prettyphoto, lightbox,fancybox) to see if any changes appeas.. but nothing :(

My website is here

Do you have any idea? or detect blocking rendering or any wrong semantic ?

How many time the another cs-cart user must waiting to see appear pictures in google image?

Many thanks for any tips

this is a standard behaviour of cs... alt is missing for images in cs... i wrote about this in the bugtracker... they said probably will be implemented

Hi demeldoo,

in my BO my product image have alt image (manual one by one) for each product , in FO alt and title image appear corectly in the code.

Is really strange ... more than 4000 pictures and google only indexing thumbnails category menu.

How many time in generaly anothers cs-cart user must waiting before appear in google image? 1 , 2 , 6 months?

I can't tell you how long before they start indexing - but I can say that my product images are indexed by google and show up in image search results.

Ok I have a product added 12.1.17 and its images have indexed.

thanks for details, patience ... wait and see.

we cant tel that google will not index because google index everything but image should be given alt and title tag and also ot depends on the site how google index. if it is static website means on time period only google will index or if it is dynamic website means google will index the webiste every day even every hours also.