Google Web Master Tools Shows Lots Of Duplicate Title Tags Because....

Google Web Master Tools shows lots of duplicate title tags (and duplicate meta descriptions) because there are two versions(?) of every page/link almost - with the only difference being .html at the end of the link.

			unzipped_triangle.gifCygnett Atomic II In-Ear Headphones with Mic
			unzipped_triangle.gifTV Streaming

How do I go about correcting this?

Do you have any addons which extends SEO?

No, we don't use any 3rd party SEO addons

Id check and ask on the google webmaster forums if I were you, lots of good advice on there

No, we don't use any 3rd party SEO addons

Did you change URLs format in SEO addon recently?

No they've never been changed since the day we started. However, I do think in the long run, getting rid of these .html links is for the best.

Made a thread on the Google Webmaster Forums as per Johns advice.

Please keep us updated

How would these pages of been created by CS Cart? Obviously I've only created one instance manually. Somewhere, a second page has automatically been created. It seems to be something CS Cart used to do, but now doesn't as only products created before a certain date (I can't pin the date down exactly) and therefore possibly a certain update?

Example - Earpods have been on the site since inception. <---- original page we created.<------ redirect CS Cart created


Doro 8040 was added a month or so ago <------ Page I created, goes to product page<---------- .404

Whats the reason for this?

I'm not sure when it changed but at one time CSC's default used to be .html and now it is just /.

You sure no one changed the seo addon to be just/ at some point or vice versa, thats what it looks like

have you tried to insert canonical tag to every main pages ? My website has showed alot of duplicate too, but it put canonical on top of the page and it's gone.