Google unveils UK payments system

[SIZE=2]Search giant Google has launched its payment service, Google Checkout, in the UK.

[/SIZE]I’ve just had a quick look at this. 1.5% plus 15p per transaction… thats about half of Paypal! And with free processing for spending on Adwords being thrown in.

And it’s free processing for everything until then end of 2007 anyway.


[URL=“BBC NEWS | Business | Google unveils UK payments system”][/URL]


The day it was launched I’ve created an account in both sandbox and live google checkout. I then configured the google check in the cs-cart and it gives error as within CS-Cart (1.3.4 SP3) Google Checkout configuration page, it has ‘USD’ as the only option but at google checkout UK it processes GBP.

Does’t CS-Cart provide any fix for this so that we can configure CS-Cart using GBP ?

Also, I have noticed that if I use paypal and my cart shows price in US$ then its correctly showing USD on paypal checkout page. But if the user changes the currency and it shows the value in GBP now but when they go to paypal checkout the currency still is showing US$ instead of GBP but from my site paypal overtook only the value. Thus if something is in the cart $10 and then the user changes the currency using “Other currency from my site” and then it shows cart contents price (for example) £ 5.00 and now if customer proceed to checkout using paypal it shows USD 5.00 on paypal page.

Is this a bug in CS-Cart ?

Hi bangl4

It is quiet possible that this is a bug, as Google checkout is relatively new and CS have probably only had limited experience with it, put the question to CS and see what they have to say, it maybe they already know about this.

I have know knowledge about Google checkout at present, but as a competitor to paypal I will be using this in the months to come.

I have strange problem. In my cscart setup I have properly configured google checkout with merchant id & key, mode = LIVE. But I do not see Google Checkout badge anywhere on my cart. Am I missing something ?

I have a sandbox of my shopping cart and I am using google sandbox account but it seems it only appears when I go to my sandbox shop at the beginning of a day but afterwards it never appears on the cart page.

I am really fustrated now. Any help will be appreciating.

Thank you.

I have posted answer in your other thread about the same problem.