Google Structured Data On Hidden Prices


I wonder if there is a way to haves structured data when the store has hidden prices, can I "hide" the prices from the user but show them to google?

My shop hide the prices from unregistered users, only users logged in can see the prices.

Any ideas?


Google Structured Data can be found in the following template:


Try to replace:

        {if !(!$auth.user_id && $settings.General.allow_anonymous_shopping == "hide_price_and_add_to_cart")}



Note: if the anonymous customer checks the page source code, he will also see these prices

Thanks, is not that bad if they see the price in the source code, they can easy see the prices if they make an account (with no restrictions).

I did the modifications, all good now, thanks a lot man!!!

You are welcome!

Can I ask, can this modification be made for data highlighter - prices are hidden at this moment if I highlight the products.


What do you mean by "if I highlight the products" ?

Hello, sorry if I was not so explicit. On google webmaster tools you have a menu: Data Highlighter. You can show google what is what, so google can identify easy the kind of site you have. You can highlight the: Title, Image, Review, Price, SKU, etc... but I cant see the price in the procedure.