Google Sitemap Parsing Error

Hi All

I have successfully upgraded to 2.0.12 and applied the Google Sitemap Add-on.

When i click on “clear the cache” and then go to the I get an error:

XML Parsing Error: no element found<br />
Location:<br />
Line Number 42273, Column 1:
```<br />
<br />
The line number changes every time so i do not think it is a product issue.

What browser are you using? FF seems to create these types of errors. Use IE instead to create the sitemap.

I have tried it in both, in IE7 it gets so far and then crashes.

It stops working on a different product each time.

Anyone got any advice?

i have logged this with support who have made some changes to the fn.database.php and class.registry.php files which has fixed it.

lets hope the next upgrade does not break this?