Google Sitemap and Different URLs per Language

Hi all,

first of all - the shop sitemap plugin works fine without troubles. We use 2.0.15.

But we use two language with different URLs per language. The sitemap list only one language set and I’m not sure why sometimes English and sometimes German. I thought this is depending from the browser or client languages but I can’t see a system behind why sometimes language 1 and later language 2 URLs.

Is there a way to show all different shop URLs in all languages together in the sitemap.xml. On this way Google should see and process all languages and pages. Can’t see a standard feature for it and can’t find a switch in the sitemap func.php to force to post all pages from all languages.

Anyone idea or suggestion?

Best regards,


I'm also wondering about this. My German search results still show an english homepage.

Doesn anyone have an idea how we could get for example:

Have English show up in and

Have German show up in


What would be even more exciting is if we could show in English google and in german google. But I guess we'd need 2 installations for this.

So maybe it's possible to show Website Domain Names, Online Stores & Hosting - in english rankings, and in german rankings?

If someone could help me with this I'd really appreciate it… i also don't mind paying a developer to fix this for me.