google sitemap addon refuses to include catagories??

I have tried to clear the cache, uninstall and re-install the addon.

I can view my sitemap, but my catagory pages are not listed.

I have confirmed that ‘all’ is selected for the pages so that permissions can’t be a problem.

I have been able to see changes I have made show in the sitemap, like changing the priority of the hompage etc…

but can not get any catagory pages to get listed.

Now I am lost.

any help?

Would help to have your URL posted or a link to sitemap so someone can take a look to help you.

site map: [url][/url]

You have a category as the first entry in your sitemap.

How are you determining that you are not seeing categories?

thats the homepage.

I should see for example:

Without knowing your SEO settings and/or the settings for the google_sitemap addon, can’t help.

Run this SQL:

UPDATE cscart_categories

SET usergroup_ids=‘0’

It’s because the usergroup IDs for the categories is blank.