Google Shopping

I am running 3 sites all on 4.2.4. I have them on https with a register certificate.

My clients have accounts with Google Shopping, and the Google team are having problems getting the sites to work. They are saying it is insecure at checkout.

I have all pages set to HTTPS and Google Chrome browser is saying the certificate is correct, but possibly the images could be insecure.

So, is there a way around this. Does the Google feed in CS-Cart actually work, i.e. I set that up and submit that instead of Google team accessing the front end?

Or, is there a working Google Shop plugin I can use inside CS-Cart.

Or, is there another level of security I can do to my server. It is hosted at Media Temple.

Please, anyone can help?

Ok, I think I have resolved this. It could have just been some images linked to http not updating to https. It applied to ANY images added via the TinyMice box, all other images in CS were updated to https.

Use to see where a problem may be. It is most important in CS as even if you use a gateway, the CS site will keep warning the client it is not secure, so may send / scare sales away. And to fix it you need to set the whole site as https in Generals tab.