Google Shopping How to Export Multiple Variants?

Google Shopping has a requirement that a multi variant item must have each variant listed out as a separate item with the same group ID. When exporting my datafeed, my multi variant items export as one item without variants.

I'm considering just converting my site to not having variants, but then I'll have 5 of each product, which may be confusing to the customers…

How does everyone handle this issue?

I'm searching for ideas for the same problem. Did you ever find more information? Currently I'm choosing one variant that tends to be most popular size/color combo and tailoring my feed attributes for just that variant. My thought is that it is better to have one representative item that may draw potential shoppers to that page and then they will see my drop down menus for other variants, rather than excluding it from my feed completely. It looks like feed specifications are changing again in July and I'm very anxious to find a more comprehensive solution. Creating a separate page for each variant is not practical and Google warns against doing it that way anyhow.