Google Seo Impact Of Auto Change Currency Based On Ip

[font=Roboto, Arial, sans-serif][size=3]Greetings to fellow community members!

On a cs-cart store, I have recently added the excellent script by webgraphiq which changes the default currency of the store based on the IP address of the visitor (GBP for UK, CAD for Canada and so on).

I think this is a fairly common practice, but just want to take opinion from collective wisdom here : Is this kind of setup likely to trigger any crawling & indexing / ranking issues on Google?

The concern was that since googlebot will crawl from US IPs; what googlebot sees will be a page which will be marginally different from that seen by visitors from other countries like UK, Canada, Australia etc (i.e. the currency sign and amount).

Request you to share your experiences of using similar scripts on your site / any opinions.

Would be grateful for inputs, and thanks again for reading!

Cheers & Regards