Google Rich Snippets Sku Missing


In the SEO tab of a product, you can see the rich snippet preview of it but there is no settings. Google reports me that our website is missing "sku" information of products. Means Google successfully scans the site for products but only one field is missing.

I went to Export -> Products and from field matching I created "sku" entry. But it doesn't fix. What can I do now?


Please, make sure that your product has the Product code set up, otherwise the sku tag won't be present in the JSON-LD structured data snippet.

Hope it helps.

Is what you call as "product code", the "code" field under "Price / Inventory" section when editing a product? If yes; then I can confirm that it is not the issue. Because those "code"s are all filled already.

Plus; how would CS-cart know which fields I am using for GTIN, MPN etc?

Edit: Yes, that code field you told pairs with sku field in rich snippets. I didn't notice at first because I had half of the products not having the code filled.

I am glad you've been able to resolve the issue with the SKU tag.

As for the GTIN, MPN, etc., in order for these parameters to be present, please follow these instructions:

1. Create a new feature (or update the existing one), and in its properties, in the Feature code field enter GTIN, ISBN or MPN dependent on what you need.

2. Assign a a feature variant of this feature to your products.