Google Referrals + Traffic/Impression Management

Has any one noticed some strange things with Google referrals since start of March 2012?

Number of referrals is reducing and impression results seem to imply that google is capping number of impressions. The last two weeks have been very strange, with most referrals coming from other sources.

Have you added the new Google+ badge, if so has this improved/increased your referrals?


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I have seen the visitors log not be accurate! When looking at analytics its about 10% down on visitors than what CS-Cart stats show. That's a bit strange for us, and have been happening over last 5 days now!

Another odd thing I have noticed is 10 abanded carts in last 5 days but no CS-Cart statistics for these visitors. Though it is strange because at times Google seems to burst into life and you see a lot of referrals for google search. I am logging every visited page at server level to try and get some clues to abanded carts for ghost visitors.