Google Recaptcha

Dear friends.
we would like to introduce new addon google recaptcha by css experts in marketplace. which will solve your all problems related to google recaptcha, any suggestions or updates you can provide us for support.
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Does your add-on have any advantage over the built-in reCaptcha add-on?

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Yes from version 1.4 to above it having some additional functionalities.
all details are mentioned in description of addon.


Why don’t you have the keys entered in the add-on configuration?

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Dear @soft-solid, can you please explain which keys you talking about?
are you talking about Sitekey and secretkey than those can be entered from addon settings for each user. please check fist screenshot above. and if you talking about any other keys please advise which keys.


In the first screenshot you have empty addons configuration fields

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@soft-solid user have to fill the fields


Provide the website address where this error can be seen.

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@soft-solid there is no error on the addon.

So do you need any assistance regarding add-on development?
From what I understand, the fields you made in add-on configuration are empty (unless you filled them after you made a screenshot). Without inserting proper keys into add-on configuration, there’s no chance reCaptcha will work.

difinitely user have to fill those fields and those data they can get from google recaptcha website for sure.
once they filled the fields the recaptcha will be enabled.

Thank you