Google reCaptcha move to the left


Does anyone know how to move recaptcha badge to the down left position? (Default CS-Cart addon)
I tried with CSS:
grecaptcha-badge {
width: 70px !important;
overflow: hidden !important;
transition: all 0.3s ease !important;
left: 4px !important;

.grecaptcha-badge:hover {
width: 256px !important;

I managed to move it to the left position but now hover and click to expand doesn’t work on mobile phones, don’t know why?

Thanks in advance!

Please share URL of your store. We will try to help you with CSS


URL is

Thanks in advance!

Please describe the issue with mobile devices in more details

When i add this CSS, bagde is moved to left, and everything is ok on desktop, when hover over badge, blue slide came out.
On mobile if you click on badge, it should slide out also, but no, it not works.

You can try it on

Thanks in advance!

It works for me

Did you try it on a real phone or just on a desktop with a mobile view? If you try it on a desktop, but just with mobile view, it works, but try it on real mobile, when click it just zoom badge a little, but not expand.

Same result on iPhone

Doesnt slide out for me samsung zfold. The tiny text that says privacy terms on th icon dissappears but nothing slides out.

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@ecomlabs I don’t know how it works on your phones.
@johnbol1 Exactly, that is whats happening.
Here are pictures before and after clicking on badge, from my phone.

What device are you using Noks.

I just tried on an android tablet and works ok.

Seems it slides out on phone device but slides BEHIND something

I think I found the problem. The problem is not in the device, the problem is in browser. On Chrome it doesn’t work, but on others like Firefox it works on same device…How to solve that issue?

disable any chrome extensions and see if that helps.
or maybe the cookie warnng that appears at bottom of your page hiding it ?

I tested in Chrome as well. It is ok. Strange…