Google Product Feed

I was having a lot of issues creating features and exporting products as google product feed or shopping feed whatever you call that .

After researching I realize its very easy to setup - So I thought I will share this with you.[list=1]

[]First Export products as csv file comma format.

]Use attached zip file and paste to appropriate field

[]Save that file as .TXT Tab Delimited.

]Upload to Google



[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Click here to find your category[/font][/color]…onomy.en-US.txt

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Enjoy …[/font][/color]

I used data feed addon. I did an export of a csv file and i uploded the file to google merchant. All of the products was inserted. Is the csv file supported by google merchant or i have to upload a txt file.


Yes it is supported or yes i have to upload a txt file.

My csv feeds have no errors and the products are awaiting review.

Google has changed the way they are looking at prices and the CS Cart promotions are creating an error.

Google is now comparing your feed product price with the landing page price. If you are running a promotion and the landing price is lower, then Google is diallowing the product.

There is a saleprice attribute_ that also needs a saledate for the dates the sale is on.

My deve is trying to find where/how the promtions adjust the sale prices to see if they are in the db to be able to extract for these new attributes.

This is a real problem, as we have many camera company instant rebates running nearly all the time with eforced start/stop dates, so we need the promitions to work with Google and the attached Shopping ads.

Any help/work-arounds/ideas would be apprecitated.



Promotions are generally calculated in real-time versus having fixed values that can be applied. Handling is different for cart and catalog promotions. Catalog promotions are activated when a catalog item is viewed. Cart promotions are activated when an item is placed in the cart and then again during checkout (or whenever the cart is recalculated).

Given your discussion above, I'm guessing you are concerned about catalog promotions since the “landing page” is probably the product page where the catalog promotion is activated. Given that there are many “conditions” that can trigger a promotion, I don't think you're going to be able to just query and extract what you want. If you are not using conditions to adjust your pricing, then suggest you NOT use promotions and simply update the pricing based on your sale dates.

Thanks. It's too big a PITA not to use auto promotions for pricing and dates. If we have a price timing wrong we can get shut off our shipments/or not make a sale.

I did find a sale price attribute in the fields mapping that I set to sale_price and that may of fixed it. Nothing for the sale_date though.


There are hooks for pricing so you could build an addon that let you set pricing (discounts or actual) specific to products, categories and for specific time periods. But it's a project, not a quick posting. As with most of these things, the expense comes in developing the administrative environment versus the actual implementation of the information.

Adding the sale_price attribute mapped to sale price has seemed to work. Until the next time they cange the requirements, which looks like Sept 1st…


Google's rate of change makes cs-cart looks stable! That's why we dropped our XML Data Feeds addon. Just too big a moving target.