Google Not Indexing My Website

Hi, I hope someone can help me out here, I'm having a problem with my website, it is no longer in google, when I search the website name it no longer shows, orders have stopped 3 days ago, no changes have been made to the site other than forcing HTTPS as I have had a problem with PayPal PCI compliance.

I have now reverted the HTTPS back to HTTP.



This happened to my website some years ago. Since I enabled SSL on website and google found https exists it completely removed all of my content, then started indexing from scratch again approx 3 months later.

PS I had enabled SSL just for checkout, but if I would try to enter I would be entering in ssl mode exactly what google did but as far as I understand shouldn't be.

omg 3 months is a long time to wait with no sales… is there anyway of forcing the site into google?

Disable everything to do with SSL

check websmaster tools in google

run line in google search

see whats currently left and whats added

I am not completely sure but I think https pages have noindex, noflow that in other words is a signal for google to remove and forget this page.