Google Mod_Pagespeed On Apache Server, Yes Or No?

Looking in the forums I don't really see a definitive answer to use mod_pagespeed or not. Last mention of it is from 2018. some say they had good speed experiences, other mentions from a decade ago say not well supported in CS-Cart.

Yes or no, should I enable it on my server? (I am thinking yes)

for those that are unfamiliar (like I was until a few hours ago) here is some good info on what it does

Seems to be all mentions of it on the web are old and I'm wondering if it is still relevant and worthwhile

I had it running for a while but kept running into small issues and could not find the time to finetune it further... but it seemed to do a decent job.

I tried it out but it ended up blocking DevTools in Edge and only gave a couple of points increase in PageSpeed Insights and GMetrix testing.
I'd rather have the tools than the point or two.

Perhaps with some dedicated tweaking it may be worth it down the line but for now I'll concentrate on other priorities

Fuck Google speed! Press the pictures, remove the garbage code. If mob. site version loads less than 3 seconds - everything is ok!