google merchants need help pls

HI every1

this is my first post so i hop someone out there help me everything is ok the only problem is

Item Warnings 31 items affected

Missing recommended attribute: brand (31 warnings)

While items missing recommended attributes will process successfully, we recommend including relevant attributes if they are available.


Item ID Line No.

1 2 Show Item

3 4 Show Item

6 7 Show Item

9 10 Show Item

44 29 Show Item

i have spand hours on this bug i cant get it fixed i was hoping someone here knows how to fix it…

thank you

It's not a bug. They simply want you to provide the Brand(Manufacturer) for each product.

so why there is no brand selection when we add a new product how to make one do i have to do some coding o fix this issue because google has removed all the productpls help us