Google Merchant Feeds

Google is now enforcing a lot of new restrictions on their feeds.

One of which is a 5,000 char limit, the other part of that is that they don't want html code in the feeds.

IMHO, the feeds are pretty poorly implemented in CS cart. There's not much control and they have not stayed in touch with all of the changes that Google is making.

I'm sure I'm not the only store owner with these issues. Although 5,000 chars seems like a lot we have very expensive technical items and our customers want all the info they can get.


[]Is there an easy way to strip the html code out before the feed is sent to google?

]Is there a way to cut off the feed description length before the feed is sent to google?




OK, figured out to map to “Google Description” instead of description, strips the html code, so that helps.


Also bear in mind your google description in some cases is better being slightly different than your normal product description. These are the first few lines google shows in the shopping feed so you need to “make it sing” in those first few lines to stand out from your competitors.