Google Merchant Center Account to be closed. CS-Cart Google export feed unable to accommodate

We have been put on notice and given 30 days to fix the issue otherwise our GMC account will be closed!

We use the cs-cart google data export where we export close to 100k products from over 50 vendors. However, each vendor has their own shipping rates from free shipping to $X amount. Some vendors have multiple shipping rates depending on delivery distance.

Until now we put an arbitrary shipping charge in the Google Merchant account as a flat fee across the platform. Now Google doesn’t like this and will close the account.

Upon speaking with Google Merchant Support they said that they have Advanced Settings where you can choose MARKETPLACES see screenshot.

Your marketplace is the main account and all the vendors are sub-accounts. However, you are required to feed the data (either manually or automatically) to these sub-accounts.

Surely, other cs-cart users must have come across this hurdle. I don’t mind creating a MARKETPLACE account within my Google Merchant Center Account but my challenge would be automating all the 50+ datafeeds from vendors. Any suggestions from users or from CS-Cart developers?

Below is the message I received from Google Merchant Services:

Your Merchant Center account presently does not meet the following Shopping Ads Product Data Specification requirements:

Inaccurate shipping costs (due to inconsistent shipping costs between your feed and the checkout pages on your website)

The shipping costs in your product data don’t match the shipping costs on the checkout pages on your website.

The shipping costs provided in your Merchant Center account may not match the costs at checkout on your website if you made changes on your website and didn’t update your product data in Google Merchant Center.
Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t use MV but I would imagine that you can create crons for the 50+ datafeeds from vendors.

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Thanks. Would you know where I can setup the corn jobs? Is it done in cs-cart or from the server side?

You set up the cron server side. CSC probably shows an example of the cron when the feed is set up.