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Hello, we are seeking assistance / quotes to add about 800-1000 store location addressess in the store locator area of our cs-cart v.3+ installation rapidly. We have not yet found an add-on module that would simplify this process.

The store location addressess represent everywhere a particular product is sold in the U.S.

The outsource individual/company would have the following things to get started with:

  1. Various excel files with name and address of store location.
  2. Our Google Map API key

    Any quotes or recommendations would be appreciated.


    Dawn G.

Makes more sense to import directly via mySQL.

google maps will connect to the store address?

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  1. The maps can include the retail store address if needed.

  2. Example: Candy Brand ABC is found in Kroger, Albertsons, Walmart and HEB stores.
    • Customer wants to find the nearest store to them, so they type in their zip code.
    • Store Locator generates a map of closest stores to them, which may be any one of the different retail store locations.

      Hope that makes sense.

could be done ? is your file in csv ?

Je;;p Vamderex, sorry I am just now seeing your response from November. Are you a developer? Thanks!

If you have your list of stores in a CSV, I suggest you do the following.

Set up one Store Location in your CS-Cart install.

Export the database tables: cscart_store_locations and cscart_store_location_descriptions

Here you will see how the two tables interlink and which fields store each piece of data.

Edit your existing CSV with the appropriate data for each database table, then import via your database control panel, such as phpMyAdmin.

hi HOPELights

if you know how to convert excel file into csv file I can give an annexe php file who's giving you long & lat and insert it automatically in cscart db.

More over I make an addon to use gmaps.js — Google Maps API with less pain and more fun instead of google api as in cscart.