Google Json+Ld On Product Pages Question

I upgraded to csc 4.14.1 a week or 2 ago. Google Search Console is emailing "Product Issues" emails saying "Rating is missing required best and/or worst values". Looking at the html, json+ld had a best value but no worst value. So (like an idiot), I installed/enabled the new Product Ratings addon. Now, there's no json-ld at all and the 'Google rich snippets preview' on the products SEO tab no longer show any review stars.

Question is, how to get the json+ld code in my product html so satisfy google. Am I doing something wrong or will I need an addon to add that functionality? I see an addon in the marketplace from Simtech that looks good but only supports up to 4.13..


Later: I bought the Simtech JSON-LD addon and its documentation says to "use the Comments and Reviews addon to collect reviews and ratings." But, now that I've installed the new "Product Review" addon, the old Comments and Reviews addon doesn't collect any product reviews and there is no json+ld 'aggregateRating' data in the product pages. So, I disabled the new "Product Reviews" and the "Comments and Reviews" addon works again in that it added aggregateRating to the json+ld. Now I'm back where I started, with no 'worstRating' entry. Sigh.. At least my best seller is still on page 1 of google search results, though it's at the bottom of the page.

Btw, I'm pretty sure that 'worstRating' should be '1' in all cases. With the 'bestRating' being 5 they indicate the range of possible values.


Ummm, never mind. Today, Google Search Console now shows zero errors or warnings for review snippets. I have no idea what happened here. BUT, I really like the new Product Reviews addon but can't use it because it doesn't produce any json/ld for google.