Google Indexing Of Sitemap Issue?

I have been submitting or sitemap from our store for quite some time to Google.

But it seems like it's not indexing all the pages. What I see in Webmaster tools is Indexed 628 out of 1848 pages submitted. yes a lot of those are nofollow, or duplicate pages.

When I do a base feed it shows 1351 unique products submitted, plus I have pages and categories.

So it seems like Google is not finding all the pages. I've also “indexed like Google” and it seems to be ok, and I'm not seeing any crawl errors.

Is something wrong? Site map is at


Does your webmaster tools show crawl errors?

When was the last time that your sitemap was crawled by Google?

On first sight your sitemap looks fine.

As my sites are not live yet, I have not yet installed the sitemap addon. But after doing some research on it, it seems that it doesn't have a ping function and doesn't track successful sitemap downloads. Is this correct? That could explain the issue.

Very nice website BTW!

I submit the map and “Fetch as Google” on a regular basis, along with clearing caches which rebuilds the map. I'm not seeing any crawl errors, but I'm just trying to understand why I see a discrepancy between my feed and the pages crawled.


This might be due to the page rank. Currently your site has page rank 0. Matt Cutts in an interview with Eric Enge had revealed that [color=#616161]the number of pages Google crawls is roughly proportional to your pagerank.[/color]

I am encountering the same. But I am also running other software with sitemaps on the same site. While other software gets over 90% of the submitted pages indexed, CS-Cart only gets only 8% of the submitted pages indexed. There are no crawl errors. Non-CSCart content is trumping e-commerce content. Static HTML pages are also indexed very well. Clearly there is a CS-Cart issue here.

I wonder if there is something that I need to change in my settings or setup or if there is a problem in CS-Cart itself?