Google Feed Help


i need help on google feed export.
Whom here already had experience with that?

What are your specific needs. Most everyone exports feed data to Google.

Please read the following article

Please read the following article

How can i do this in bulk for many products?

"Starting with CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor 4.4.1, you can export your existing product options to Google as color, size, pattern, and material. When you edit an option (either under Products → Options, or on the Options tab of a product), you can choose an Equivalent in Google for that option.

For example, if your store has an option called Color and you select Google color as its Equivalent in Google, then the Color option will be the source of information for the Google color field type when you create a data feed."

You can either import the products with those features specified (suggest you set one up and export it as an example) or you can set them individually within your admin.