Google export issues.

Currently running 2.2.4

Every time I export to Google I get all types of errors.

[color=#0000cd]Missing required attribute: availability (433 errors, only affecting Product Search, Search API for Shopping)[/color]

[color=#0000cd]Missing recommended attribute: brand (433 warnings)[/color]

[color=#0000cd]Missing recommended attribute: mpn (433 warnings)[/color]

[color=#0000cd]Missing recommended attribute: google product category (433 warnings)[/color]

[color=#0000cd]Invalid UPC value (424 warnings)[/color]

[color=#0000cd]Missing recommended attribute: image link (3 warnings)[/color]

I know there was an issue with this, but I thought it was fixed with the past updates.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you !

I think I found these options listed under the “FEATURES” tab listed for the product. Is there a way to edit this globally ?

400+ products, this could take a while


You need to download the exported fil manually and create a new field called availability each record should contain in stock. Save the file and then manually upload the file to your google bas account.

I just did that yesterday and all my products are showing up as searchable.

Great, thank you!

Do I need to worry about Brand and product category ?

OK, now I'm getting frustrated. Availability is in column A along with everything else.

Do I delete “availability” in A1, and mane a new column just for it ?…U0djV2xyeUlZS3c

Seems to me, I should be able to do a global update, or get into the DB and change all the values for the product.