Google Ecommerce Tracking not showing Data

I’m using 3.03 Ultimate, trying to identify why Google Ecommerce Tracking is not showing any information. I’ve seen a few posts on this but nothing definitive. I have found the function where I think this information is captured and sent. I also found a typo in the function name.

In addons/google_analytics/func.php, line 72 there is the line:

function fn_google_anaylitics_send($account, $order_info, $refuse = false)

Analytics is misspelled. It’s a long shot but could that be the problem?

In case it is connected, I am also running an Adwords campaign. Adwords conversions are showing up in Analytics but without revenue data.

I’d appreciate any help and guidance on this.


You do have Ecommerce Tracking and the relevent requirements entered into Google Analytics, right? I spent a couple of hours recently diagnosing the same problem in a 2.2.4 store…only to find Ecommerce Tracking wasn’t actually enabled!

In saying that…looking at the source files for v3.0.4 Ultimate, there is discrepancies everywhere…

18	  function fn_google_analytics_get_order_info($order, $additional_data)<br />
25	  function fn_google_analytics_place_order($order_id, $action, $order_status, $cart)<br />
29	  $data['ga_cookies'] = fn_google_analytics_cookies();<br />
44	  function fn_google_analytics_get_tracking_code($company_id = null)<br />
53	  function fn_google_analytics_change_order_status($status_to, $status_from, $order_info)<br />
62	  fn_google_anaylitics_send(fn_google_analytics_get_tracking_code($order_info['company_id']), $order_info, false);<br />
66	  fn_google_anaylitics_send(fn_google_analytics_get_tracking_code($order_info['company_id']), $order_info, true);<br />
71	  function fn_google_anaylitics_send($account, $order_info, $refuse = false)<br />
79	  $cookies = !empty($order_info['google_analitycs_info']['ga_cookies']) ? $order_info['google_analitycs_info']['ga_cookies'] : fn_google_analytics_cookies();<br />
124	 function fn_google_analytics_cookies()
```<br />
<br />
This is in 3.0.4 Ultimate, in 2.2.4 Professional:<br />
<br />
22	  function fn_google_analytics_get_order_info($order, $additional_data)<br />
29	  function fn_google_analytics_place_order($order_id, $action, $order_status, $cart)<br />
33	  $data['ga_cookies'] = fn_google_analytics_cookies();<br />
42	  function fn_google_analytics_change_order_status($status_to, $status_from, $order_info)<br />
52	  fn_google_anaylitics_send(Registry::get('addons.google_analytics.tracking_code'), $order_info, false);<br />
56	  fn_google_anaylitics_send(Registry::get('addons.google_analytics.tracking_code'), $order_info, true);<br />
61	  function fn_google_anaylitics_send($account, $order_info, $refuse = false)<br />
69	  $cookies = !empty($order_info['google_analitycs_info']['ga_cookies']) ? $order_info['google_analitycs_info']['ga_cookies'] : fn_google_analytics_cookies();<br />
114	 function fn_google_analytics_cookies()<br />

```<br />
The mis-spellings are apparent in both versions, 2.2.4 definitely works however.<br />
<br />
In saying that, I installed Google Analytics a few days before launching our first on 3.0.2 Ultimate store which was upgraded a couple of days ago to 3.0.4, I have just checked the Analytics account and there is a problem...<br />
<br />
Only sales from the 'main' store have been recorded. The Ultimate install has 3 sites, but only sales from the first store are recorded (ie. the store which the admin control panel is accessed through).<br />
<br />
Gift Certificate purchases are not recorded by Google Analytics.<br />
<br />
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I knew the typo was too easy. Ecommerce Setting is set to “Yes, an Ecommerce Site) but I am not sure what you mean by “[font=“arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif”][color=”#282828”]the relevant requirements". If by that you mean is the analytics code showing on my pages and order confirmation page, then the answer is yes. I see the code generated by the addon in all pages but I am not seeing any code which sends sale data to Google and I am pretty sure that should be on the page such as _addItem() or _addTrans(). I expected the addon to include that as well. Have I got that wrong?[/color][/font]

Here's the odd part…

I have goals and funnels set up in Analytics for the 2 other sites, but not for the 'main' site which does have ecommerce data in Analytics (minus Gift Certificate sales, why I don't know considering customers check-out as normal?!).

While the main site does have ecommerce statistics in Analytics, the 2 other sites don't. I have compared the source code between the main site and one of the other sites and the only difference is the Analytics account number in the tracking code, nothing more nothing less. 'Yes, an Ecommerce site' is enabled for all 3 sites too.

I'm stumped on that one.

Anyone else have any suggestions?