Google Data Export Missing Data

So I've researched, read all the CS Cart docs, and "googled" any information and cannot find an answer to this.

Google Data Merchant requires certain fields. The only ones I cannot figure out how to get in the data feed are Condition, Availability and Google Product Category. The two that are REQUIRED and most important are the Condition and Availability.

Now, adding in the google addon stuff, there are features assigned to the products for all of the above. The problem is, I do not want to go in to each one of my 19,000 products to update them one by one, and that doesn't help me with future product imports (my products are imported directly from my distributor).

So, how can I automatically update the features for Condition (changing from blank to "new"), and Availability ("in stock" or "out of stock" -- based on qty available which is a dynamic data value based on whether the available quantity is 0 or greater than 0 at any given time)?

I don't mind hard coding the features for every product to be "new" and the google product category, but the availability has to be in stock or out of stock depending on qty available.

How do I get this into the google data feed without entering them all in one by one?

I'm using version 4.3.x

You can't with the default install. I had all of this coded in my 2.2.5 store but I am currently in the process of upgrading to 4.3.4 and I haven't had a chance to integrate the code. I can't remember or not but I think I posted the code here in the forums way back when if you want to try to find it and take a stab at it yourself. Search for "googlebase" (that's what it used to be called) or "bing shopping". It probably won't be for awhile until I get to it but I will let you know when I do. Either that or you will need to hire one of the devs here if you need it immediately.