Google crawl errors

I did upgrade to 3.3 from 2.5 and Google webmaster I got notification that I do have 2240 pages with 404 pages.

It was a huge effected on my site ranking.

I got all these subcats=Y&features_hash=********** pages.

I don't know what to do. I wish didn't upgrade to new version. It really hurt my business.

Any idea what to do or does any one experience such a problems.

Sounds like it might be your horizontal menu since it would try to walk the sub-categories.

Is your SEO addon configured the same as it was previously?

Hi tbirnseth, thank you for your respond. as a matter of fact we were using the horizontal menu before but after we did upgraded to 3.03 we did disable and uninstalled all that.

Are you saying that might have been the issue?

But what I see, there are also lots of URLs like this ones is for sale |

and it looks like in 2.xx version if you have features on and you click on any of those it automatically creates features_hash=V**.V*** URL's .

Thank you for your help.

I would venture to guess that your features are links (anchor tags) in your page(s). If they don't have a 'rel=“nofollow”' attribute then they will try to be followed by a crawler. But I'd think you'd want features to be indexed but not sure how you utilize an SEO friendly name for a feature that really just initiates a DB query (or reads from cached data).

So I guess my short answer is that I don't know. I don't make much use of features in my own site so I don't have a lot of practical experience for how they are rendered/accessed.

I would clear your site cache and then tell google to crawl you again and see if the problem persists. If so, it will take someone like Flow or John who have much greater experience with feature usage than I.