Google Checkout Not Working

We are trying to test Google Checkout for a client.

Under the settings of the Google Checkout account:

  1. We have set My company will only post digitally signed certs to checked (we have a valid SSL).
  2. We have specified the correct callback URL.
  3. We have set notification as XML.
  4. We have set API version to Version 2.0.
  5. We have specified the correct Google merchant ID and Google merchant key.

    We get Oops! We were unable to process your request. when we try to test it through a checkout.

    Other useful information:

    Client has not specified Bank account information and we have left the default values for shipping and taxes to blank because we believe it calculates from the cart.

    Someone please clarify as we need to test this payment method.

Probably you tried using the “Test” mode of Google Checkout payment method in CS-Cart with your real account. You should use Google Checkout Sandbox account for testing [url][/url]