Google Checkout/ Analytics conversion tracking

I noticed that analytics isnt recording goals for google checkout orders.

I’m not too sure where I would put the code. The call back URL is [url][/url]

But you can’t put it in a PHP file can u?


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The default Analytics integration with CS-Cart 1.3.5. does not include goal conversion. You’d have to create it manually.

The code for the goal conversion funnel used to be something similar to what stands on this post.

But now the code has got to change, since the 1.3.5. checkout happens in only one page. I’ve been asking around, so I hope someone comes with an answer…

You can use the following code as the goal (confirmed by cs-cart support):

[quote name=‘CS-Cart support’]

“Yes, it is. You are able to use this code in order to track orders.”



You can use the following code as the steps in the funnel (confirmed by cs-cart support):

[quote name=‘CS-Cart support’]

“Please let me explain. The modes have been changed. Now you are able to use the following part of code in order to track the necessary information:”

^/index\.php\?target=checkout&mode=cart (Cart Main Page)
^/index\.php\?target=checkout&mode=customer_info (The "Contact information", "Billing address" and "Shipping" sections)
^/index\.php\?target=checkout&mode=order_info (The "Payment method" section)


The code above should not include the parenthesis, but one can use the names in it to define each step’s name.

Be careful not to paste a space before or after these lines of code…

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Where do i put that code?

I’ve used this, and similar code with one relatively big/annoying problem.

Our SSL Certificate is on a separate domain, so when it switches from non-secure mode (add-to-cart) to secure mode (checkout), google looses track of the transition, and thus the numbers aren’t correct.

For example, the goals funnel shows something like:


[COLOR=“DarkRed”] <0% proceeded to checkout>[/COLOR] ← this is wrong

checkout = 50

<80% proceeded to order details>

order details=40

etc… the conversion numbers are messed up because of the 0% proceeded to checkout where the transition from non-secure to secure takes place.

This would be a common problem with any shared hosting that’s using the server’s ssl cert. We ARE NOT on a shared host, it’s dedicated, but the cert is on a separate domain which is an identical situation.

I’ve tried various regex expressions, etc, but it appears to be on Google’s tracking side that has trouble tracking from one domain to another in a funnel.

Anyone have any ideas? I’d really appreciate it!