Google Captcha Not Showing Image

I just set and use google recaptcha addon from cs cart default but i have issue with the image from google not showing, i use recaptcha version 2, try to use console but nothing in there.

can someone help me with this.

If you are familiar with developer console of your browser, check Console tab for javascript errors

Hi Ecom,

Thanks but i try to use google recaptcha from your addons i try to find setting image but not found can you give me clue where i can find this setting.

In the first post you mentioned default CS-Cart module. Please advise

hi ecom,

i try cs cart default and not working here the console log

after not work i change with your addon after googling captcha addons i found your addons and install it,

but and i can not find image setting only see key and secret key.

Our addon is not compatible with latest CS-Cart versions since reCaptcha is a part of the CS-Cart core now

hi ecom,

Thanks for that, maybe you have some clue how i can fix captcha or track the error

thank you

If built-in reCapctha module does not work, contact support team