Google Books API Integration

I'd be interested in a cost to integrate Cs-Cart latest version with the Google Books API (or another book api) so when my books are displayed in my store, it reads the ISBN number field, and displays the appropriate book info with the respective book jacket art from the api.

So you are going to have the ISBN and want to look up (dynamically) the additional product data that may exist for a particular ISBN and then apply that to your view? I would strongly suggest that you make this locally cached so that you're not reading the same info over and over that is un-changing.

If you can provide more details for your full requirements, go to and I'll be happy to give you a bid. Please specify is you are just wanting the data to be available or whether you want it intetrated with all the lists, blocks, product_detail pages, etc. that are available in the standard cart or whether you will apply the data as you need it to specific areas.