Google Base Feed Sucks

From reading the Google Base KB Article, I know how to achieve adding the Features to a product.

However, there is no option to export even half the data Google requires, despite the KB article also linking to this page!!

The functionality of the Google Base feature in CS-Cart is a MAJOR let down - regardless if manufacturer/brand is assigned to the products, the Google Base function doesn't export it anyway.

What a load of crass, am I beginning to see the bigger picture with CS-Cart? Features half-built several years ago have never been maintained and are now rendered useless…

For the record, I have received this message from Google today:

[quote]All your items have been suspended from the destinations and countries listed below. Please see the Data quality section for details.[/quote]

These errors ALL relate to 'Missing Unique Product Identifiers' - ID (HOW is that even possible?!), Manufacturer, Brand, etc.

I would advise anyone looking at CS-Cart, if they are currently receiving sales via Google Base, then CS-Cart - in its current format - is not for you. Google will suspend your feeds due to CS-Cart not being able to provide the necessary data in the required format.

Why have these features in the cart if they don't interlink?! If and when can we expect this function to actually work?!

Even though I provide an alternative addon, I do not believe your claims to be true.

If you added all the things that Big-G wants from you into product features then the feed will generate a CSV file for you (note, it will not do “groups” like is required for apparel). You can export these features using the products export and then edit to your heart's content and then re-import (be sure to get familiar with the import syntax for Product Features).

After Christmas, we will be releasing a new version of our XML Data Feeds that meets all of BigG's requirements including the generation of “groups” for apparel products (or any other category of products with a matrix of size, color or pattern). However, we are holding off release until after the Christmas rush. We've also moved many of the “Mapping” settings out of the addon settings and into an admin page where they can be updated more easily for future releases (and future BigG changes in requirements). The biggest issue for most merchants will then be to have the supporting data for all of BigG's requirements like unique images for every Apparel option combination).

We no longer use the Google feed that is installed by default in CS. We use the “Data Feeds” addon that also comes with CS to do the feed and it works awesome. It takes a little time to set up, but it works great. It sounds like the addon from tbirnseth may be a little easier to set up, but you can do it from within CS using the “Data Feeds”.