Google Analytics vs Onsite Statistics

Regarding Google Analytics vs Onsite Statistics, does anybody know why these stats are never even close? Google always shows close to double the visitors as what the Onsite Stats shows. I’m just wondering which one is correct.

Google gets paid for clicks so they count faster! :slight_smile:

Are you using the bulit-in Google Analytics or are you doing your own script plug-in? If you’re doing both, then that could explain why the double counts…

Your on-site stats are probably correct. Mine match up almost exactly.

Im actually using the script plug-in thing. Its weird though because some of the hits that Google shows, never registered with the on-site statistics. And then some of the Google results show 2 or 3 hits via some weird long tail keyword that I’m sure wasnt possible for that many to use that same word!

I just want some accurate results. Any ideas? Im working hard to build traffic and I want to be able to see any results.