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I`m trying to implement this code in my thank you page.

Until now, I did the following :

'transactionId': '{$order_info.order_id}',
'transactionAffiliation': 'My Store Name',
'transactionTotal': '{$}',
'transactionTax': '{$tax_data.tax_subtotal}',
'transactionShipping': '{$order_info.display_shipping_cost}',

Can somebody help me with the [color=#444444][font=monospace, monospace][size=3]'transactionProducts' ?[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#444444][font=monospace, monospace][size=3]Thank You![/size][/font][/color]

Please add the following code outside the script

{foreach from=$order_info.items item=o}

It will show you the information about each product. Then just adapt it to your code.

That code doesn't generate anything…

Is not the ecommerce tracking already these as an addon, mine seems to work except for offline payments for some reason.

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That code doesn't generate anything…


Do not forget to clear the cache

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Do not forget to clear the cache


Yes, I cleared cs-cart cache, i cleared the browser cache also, still nothing.

If you are ready to provide us with the temporary FTP access, we can help you to set up the transactionProducts parameter.

For the products I used the following:

'id': '{$order_info.order_id}', // Transaction ID. Required.

'name': '{$oi.product|default:__(“deleted_product”) nofilter}', // Product name. Required.

'sku': '{$oi.product_code}', // SKU/code.

'price': '{$oi.original_price}', // Unit price.

'quantity': '{$oi.amount}' // Quantity.

This will work fine for me.

Except the category for the product,

I can't find this not working or not to find wich code I must use