Google Analytics e-commerce not working


I enabled the addon in admin, added the analytics code and checked e-commerce.I’ve also turned on analytics e-commerce in the goolge interface.

I have a single page checkout. (hence cart contents → checkout → confirm)

When I click on view source I do not see any transaction tracking in the cart page.

I also do not see anything coming up in the google interface.

What must I do to get this working? should this work out of the box?

When I look at the filter code I see there are function fn_google_anaylitics_send()

but I can’t find any place in the code that calls it.

What must I do to get this working? has anyone gotten this working on version 2.1.2 ?

This should be working correctly.

Which PSP do you use?

Hi Flow,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Can you please explain to me what is PSP?

Hmm, did some more testing and I have the same problem. Bug posted here:


Feel free to support my posting :slight_smile:

Most of the Google stuff is sent directly versus being embedded in the page (The Google Analytics addon anyway). No need to use javascript when you know what needs to be sent before the page even loads in the browser. Conversion tracking is all you would add and it should be in the hook file.