Google Amp For Seo Plugin Function


I need to know if the Simtech's plugin for "Google AMP for SEO" has worked successfully and correctly for a few customers? I'm asking because I am researching such plugin for my website to enhance my website for viewing on mobile devices.


1. Google AMP specification mentions that AMP does not allow synchronous Javascript to be executed on a page. Will this break "JSON-LD plugin for SEO", because JSON-LD is javascript. So, would AMP plugin disable JSOIN-LD? Or is there a fix applied to the code to avoid the clash? If yes, what type of fix has been applied?

2. This plugin's features currently do not mention, whether I will need to modify (or update) any of my product data to comply with the AMP plugin?

Thank you.

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I need this answers too

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works ok for me but have a few issues that didnt get answered

error 1 "Multiple image candidates with the same width or pixel density found in attribute 'srcset' in tag 'amp-img'."



" Missing URL for attribute 'src' in tag 'amp-img'."

I also have some customisable products and when customers land on custom product page via cellphone they get the amp blank/stripped down page and then have to click again to get to "real" custom page