Google 404 not found

Hi all, i have been looking at my webmaster tool and i have some 1800 404 not found errors dating back to 20 november last year that contain urls with such features_hash anD currency= that appear to not be detected any more recently by google however it is picking upd Variant_Id now a few times in the urls as 404. Is there a way to remove these 1800 urls from webmaster tool as I can’t find a simple way. Thanks

This was on my list to check out aswell. I had 2200 2 months ago but now down to 290 Google re trys I think and then blows em out afetr a few goes. Like I say I have not yet read too much about it but mine are coming down.

Part of my problem was I changed the SEO ormat in the cart and changed it back, in that ime google crawled loads of pages and I changed them…doohhh"