Good site for skins?

Is there a good site for skins? I’ve looked on all the usual one’s that come up in Google but most look the same or similar to the standard one’s that come with cs-cart, I want something clean and modern looking

I posted this on a different thread the other day:


The poster of this was istanbul

I’ve never bought anything from them, but they do have some nice looking templates.


Thanks there’s some good skins there, but I also notice they do a lot for Magento I’ve been looking at changing to that but still not convinced as cscart is a lot easier to use.

I’ve played around with Magento quite a bit, but I couldn’t get past the difficulties with trying to modify the skins. Even the most basic thing seemed to be so hard for me.


I’m finding that, it’s not the easiest of software to use but there are a lot of really good skins for it, I like cscart more I just don’t want it to look like almost all other cscart sites