Good Old Web Host Blames Script Again

This has been happening for the last 3 days at the same time

of night and lasts about an hour.

The web host blamed the script as usual and reset the database

but it happened again tonight as regular as clockwork.

The screen shot may give someone here a clue.

If I scrolled down quickly I could see the admin area before

the screen went blank with 'Script Error' in a red outline along

the top of the screen.


Looks like you have a bad date in your query. Unfortunately looking at 4.3.9 source, the line numbers don't match what's in he stack trace.

Thanks tbirnseth but I am not sure which aspect you are blaming.

The script, host or external malice.

Given that I don't know your version, I can only guess at which section of code is being affected.

But it would appear that whatever settings you have for your statistics has captured lteral value '2016' instead of the timestamp for '2016'.

Version 4.3.3

Thanks for trying to help.

Version 4.3.3

Well this is weird BUT might provide a clue.

Same time again. 11pm AEST Australia.

On my wife's PC she saw that error screen yet I was able to

click on 'almost' any link within admin and all was well.

I clicked on the Admin Home symbol THEN my screen went to garbage.

I guess I have to wait an hour until it miraculously clears again.

I examined the link at the CS-Cart demo site

Maybe the script that this link evokes can be replaced.

I don't really have a clue. It's just a thought.

Just curious. Could this problem be related to daylight savings time ?

Starts at 11pm in the evening a finishes at around 12 midnight.

Doubtful. I would look at wherever in the DB or cookies the date search for your sales statistics is being stored and get rid f the rows where the timestamp column is 2016'. Possibly in cscart_sales_reports. Look at the columns 'time_from' and 'time_to'. They should be timestamps (very large numbers).

This is all I could find in the data base but as a db numpty

I am deathly afraid to


The curse has lifted. After around 8 consecutive days of 11pm-12pm Admin crash, it has stopped. Today I 'repaired database' via cpanel so maybe the db was the culprit.

It seems like a safe assumption.

Assumptions are never safe! :-)

Glad it's working. The DB entries you posted look reasonable to me.

If it happens again I will repair db and if the problem persists the I will

know my assumption wasn't worth squat.

The line that has "0" for to and from looks suspicious. This is what mine looks like...


The line that has "0" for to and from looks suspicious. This is what mine looks like...

I think that means it has just not been set. But possibly an issue. But that would resolve to Jan 1, 00:00:00 1970 which doesn't match the '2016' he was reporting.

So far so good. Thanks for all the input guys.