I just used GoDaddy for purchasing domain… Still clueless on their hosting offer, because I’m not interested :D

Gee Tylereh, maybe you could just leave 6 month old posts alone if there's really no added value in the comment.

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Gee Tylereh, maybe you could just leave 6 month old posts alone if there's really no added value in the comment.


If tylereh hadn't responded, I wouldn't have even seen this post. Everyone has their 2 cents to share, so what's the big deal?

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To host domains and simple websites, even CMS or basic E-comms ones doesn't require much. I believe, they have some available servers in Zimbabwe they do the same job as GoDaddy. If you want to run a serious e-comm website with hundreds of products, you better look elsewhere. I'm talking from my experience with them-bad one. Bigger Joomla sites were sluggish, X-C one couldn't import anything and was giving Memory Exhausted error. Trouble with configuring and getting right custom A records for sub-domains, never worked SSL and they charged twice for it. No complains accepted.

Now, I have my VPS - no more problems. Domains and SSL with Enom. Easy to deal with and all SSL always work. My 2 cents.


I agree with you, bad experiences with them. The server where our test site was hosted was very slow.

Cs-cart requires performant servers, else will fail…

[quote]If tylereh hadn’t responded, I wouldn’t have even seen this post.[/quote]

You would have if you simply searched for “GoDaddy” :unsure:

Although, yes, GoDaddy might work for you if your business is essentially nothing more than a hobby, however, if it actually generates valuable income, then hopefully it is valuable enough to spend more than $5.95/Month and find a business level hosting provider! B)

Godaddy is okay but there are far better hosts that would be more inclined to hosting CS than go daddy. But because you are already subscribed there, I would suggest that you stick with it and see how it will turn out for you. What could be a bad experience for one would not always translate to be the norm that everyone else would follow, right? But just some word of advice, if they have provided a money back guarantee, opt your way out.