Go From Professional To Community?


how do I go from professional to community?

I want to downgrade my editions.

Why? Community is set to be discontinued and Professional amalgamated into Ultimate.

just get a community licence, I wouldnt expect a refund if thats what you are meaning

So I'm curious as to the roadmap regarding editions. I dl'd Community back in May and played with it locally using XAMMP. Now I have it hosted on a server while I build categories and learn options. Eventually, I want to upgrade. I'm not sure what I'd be upgrading to. Professional? Or will that be gone by year's end?

Read more about the edition changes here

Community is gone. Done and dusted.

Professional will be streamlined into Ultimate.

There will be one product available, CS-Cart Ultimate. Ultimate will have a limited functionality free version (ie. to replace Community).

Timescales? None publicly stated as yet.

Actually, I think there will be two versions. Ultimate and Multi-vendor. From what I've seen, I don't think the two can be combined since they both use the company_id property and that is why Suppliers are not supported in V3. Big mistake. But I guess they could add a supplier_id and then get MVE and Pro/Ultimate-Suppliers to use that value to differentiate vendors/suppliers versus companies.

Growing pains…