Gmail No Longer Sending Emails To Customers

Gmail no longer sending emails to customers after a recent upgrade to current version.

Example before I would get a copy of all new invoices sent to then I would open in Gmail and click on reply and the send field would have the customers email address.

I would then send a thank you email.

Now I do the same as above but get not the customers email address.

Is there a quick fix or do I need to start a support ticket?

Note all other emails in Gmail work well when I click on reply - the reply email is formatted in the send field correctly - so this is a CS cart issue or so it seems.

Thank you!

Any ideas at all?

Thank you!

Not sure on current, but in older cs-cart versions, you are not really CC'd on emails but instead a separate copy is sent to you. However, I think they've now come into the 90's and actually use CC or BCC when the 'notify admin' is checked. But I believe (due to admins not wanting Vendors to get customer contact info) that the reply-to field may be set to the sender rather than the recipient for the copies being sent.

Not sure that helps you in your current situation, but it might explain what's happening. You might want to report the change as a defect since the logic above should only apply to MVE. But if they are using a true CC/BCC now, then the reply-to would always be the store email address because that what the customer should see.

Thank you for your ideas!

New update: on my mobile phone I can send a reply and it works like before the send to field correctly is populated by the customer's email address not mine...

Very interesting.