Global Options? Possible Bug

Global Options do not work the way I expected. Not sure if this is a bug?

I create a global option. Then I create a few products and add the global option to them. Then I go and modify the global option. The options in the products already chosen to use that global option are not updated?

It appears when you assign a global option to a product it is turned into a individual option and is no longer tied to the global ooption.

It is not working the way I expected. Is this a feature or a bug.

I am not sure if that is the way the global options are supposed to act in that manor. From what I understand is that you create a global option and then you can add this option to several products at once. Now if you go back to the global option and make changes it does not change it on the products.

I have just been using it this way not sure if it’s a bug or just the way it works.

Thanks for confirming it is not just my install.

It does defeat the whole purpose of having global options. I hope this turns out to be a bug and not the way it was designed.


OK, I think I found the answer.

[QUOTE]NOTE: If you select the Apply as link check box, the select product option will be added as a link to the product. This means that you cannot edit the option for the current product, but the added product option will reflect all the changes made to it on the Global options page.If you do not select the check box, the option will be copied to the list of product options for the product and you will be able to edit its variants at any time.


Problem is this is not the default setting and in my opinion should be. This probably explains how my variants have grown to over 30,000 in the database. All my gloabl options have been copied over and over again on every product.

Any way to reverse this once it has been assigned this way to a product? I need my global options to be controlled from a single point.

It’s one copy in 1.3.5 if you use global options. This is not the case in 2.0?