Global options change

i have a clothing company. each item of clothing has different color options. when i set a global option i can’t put “color” as the option name because i end up with 100 options names color so when i go add the global option to a product i don’t know whick color i am looking at. it would be nice to have an option to add the global option on the admin end by description instead of name. this way i can name all the color global options “color” but add the option to a product by the description “item name”

i am having the same issue with sizing because not every item uses the same size strucure.


We would also like an improvement in this area. I think it would better if the storefron displayed the option Description. This would allow us to have “Colors - Vendor A” and “Colors - Vendor B” as the option name with different color choices and a description of “Color”. In the front-end, the customer would see “Color” as an option with the appropriate choices based on whichever vendo’s color choices had beeen applied to the product.