Global Discount - show price in product page

I see how to add a global discount percentage such as 10% in ‘Discounts and Coupons’. But my question is how to show the discount before reaching the ‘cart’ page.

In other words, in the product page and category list page I would like the customer to see the discount is already applied long before they get to the one page checkout.

Can someone tell me how to do this?

Thank you.


ver. 1.3.5 sp3

Can anyone help?

This seems like something that more than one merchant would want.

Currently if you set your Global shipping discount at 10%, it shows up once the customer decides to place an item in the cart.

But would it not give the customer incentive to place the item in the cart if they can already see the 10% discount on the products they are browsing?


Bryan R.

ver 1.3.5 sp3

I am very disappointed with you guys. I have been in eCommerce since 03, so I know that I am not asking for something outrageous. Just a little help.

Somebody need some SEO advice in exchange?


Bryan R.

1.3.5 sp3

I’m looking for the same mod, really helpful for visitors to see the discounts without needing to view cart contents.

Within the “Manage Categories” section, you can add text on your category pages to describe your discount so that customers are aware of the details.

Is this what you were looking for?

I want something like this:

(the “Discounted Price: $227.05”)