Global cart/catalog discount issues

When I set a global discount that depends on number of points in user profile (thus giving a discount only on new customers without points earned), the discount shows off on pages (you can see it when browsing or adding products in your cart, even at checkout it states discount value, but once you go through the checkout it vanishes.

I’ve tried to set it to both catalog and per cart, and it always dissapears at checkout. It’s a big problem, as I can only edit those orders that are not paid with paypal or other automated service, in which case the customer will have to pay the full price and wont get the discount on his order.

I’m using “PayPal accept multiple currencies v2 by WebGraphiq” as I need some way to convert BGN to EUR prior to charging paypal accounts, but it messes up only with paypal.php, so I don’t think it is the source of this issue.

So far this is one of the very few bugs/problems I found and the only one that could be a dealbreaker. CS Cart is amazing piece of software.

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